Cybersecurity Advisory

We are already in the so-called “digital age”. We live in a time in history where data is as valuable as money, and that is why it has become the target of criminals who use it as a bargaining chip. The world is evolving with technology, just like criminals. Protecting them from attacks is one of GIF’s missions with cybersecurity professionals.

Nowadays, everything can become cybernetic data, which is used to know the profile of the customer served, launch products / services and / or carry out strategies based on the information collected. The cybersecurity service uses techniques that protect both the computers and the networks and systems of the companies against cyberattacks and crackers.

  • We perform massive security tests (Pentest) to identify potential flaws that could result in the leakage of sensitive data or other vulnerabilities.
  • We use technological tools to combat fraud.
  • Our professionals are certified and can provide assistance to both companies and cybersecurity professionals.