GIF International associates are part of the main international institutions for fraud prevention and corporate security

Partners that strengthen our work:

Artificial Intelligence is the main tool that the company offers to customers so that they have high performance self-service and assisted services. Among the solutions there are: voice biometrics, virtual assistant, web chat, customer service through various IVR channels, among others. More than 2,500 companies, in several countries, already benefit from advanced technology methods that Nuance offers.

Making life easier for people and brands around the world through trusted conversation based on Artificial Intelligence. Its Conversational Cloud platform enables consumers to avoid wasting time waiting on websites and to message their favorite brands directly, as they do with friends and family. 18,000 customers use its conversational solutions to orchestrate communication between humans and AI at scale to create a convenient and personal conversational relationship with their millions of consumers.  LivePerson was included in Fast Company’s 2020 World’s Most Innovative Companies list.

Since 1994, the company has been developing technologies for e-commerce, as well as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital streaming.  Among the services it offers, AWS (Amazon Web Service) is capable of developing solutions for cloud computing, DevOps (high-speed application distribution), Containers (code packaging), among other essential for business security.

Founded in 2001, the company has commercial offices in Mexico City, São Paulo and Buenos Aires, which provide fraud detection and prevention services to companies in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States. Confidential communication channels are offered as tools for employees, customers and / or suppliers to report fraud and questionable situations, as well as to contribute ideas and improvements to internal processes. Resguarda has more than 2 million users currently.

The company specializes in identifying and reducing fraud related to telecommunications services. For this purpose, the provider invests in high technology, such as the use of advanced SIM servers and SIM Box systems, suitable for wired or wireless communications networks GSM, CDMA, UMTS and LTE.