Due Diligence Investigations

The international operation of a company is a great achievement, but it also requires a number of legal responsibilities and honest conduct on the part of its employees and associated companies. To do a great job, it is important to have managerial oversight that implements the proper Know Your Client (KYC) guidelines to reduce risks.

DDI investigations are capable of analyzing candidates or companies to identify which contracts will be executed with efficient and honest counterparts.  In this way, DDI investigations bolster the health of a company´s ecosystem.

There are numerous situations in which DDI investigations are required. This type of analysis helps our clients to obtain more information about a specific subject, be it a natural or legal person. A well-done DDI analysis begins with open source research (or OSINT – Open Source Intelligence) and, it is the analysts’ expertise, resource management, level of detail, analytical skills, and focus, which makes us a leading company in the security sector.

Some situations require thorough DDI, such as:

  • Sales and Purchases Businesses;
  • Investments;
  • Business expansion;
  • Strategic Alliances;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A);
  • Hiring of senior executives.

GIF International has a robust structure capable of being the hub for of Latin America for DDI. We work with the objective of being the only point of contact with our clients so that there is a reduction in management costs and an increase in the ability to obtain an assertive response in all communications.

Our strengths is based on feedback from our DDI clients:

Our team: High performance collaborators in their areas of knowledge.

Regional provider: Investment in a structure capable of serving all Latin America and being the only point of contact, cutting managerial costs.

Personalized reports: Each client receives a detailed analysis of all the research conducted.

Fast response: Delivery in the deadlines that best suit our clients.