Fraud, Claims and Asset Recovery Investigation

Criminals can take action to illegally extract products, overbill, as well as make false claims to steal goods (cargo, vehicles or property). To identify and combat this type of behavior, we act energetically to contribute to our clients and their businesses.

If nothing is done, criminals may find that they are not being monitored and continue to generate incalculable losses to the company. Our job is to identify what they are doing and how they are doing it, to no longer allow these types of actions harm the company’s assets. This strategy, promotes the safety of all employees who are not involved in such fraud.

We do not miss any details. Therefore, we carry out the following activities:

  • Theft investigations (cargo);
  • Investigations of fraud by drivers or other service providers;
  • Commitment with public security organizations for mutual cooperation in full compliance and legal protection regulations;
  • Analysis of claims and, geographical or procedural risks;
  • Prompt response service in external claims;
  • Background check of service providers;
  • Training in Risk Prevention in the logistics and transportation sector;
  • Loss prevention studies and audits;
  • Determination of fraud in service provision contracts