Efficiency and thoughtfulness
against corporate fraud

GIF is composed of a multidisciplinary team with great technical and technological capacity as well as a strong management profile, which allows them to respond to different solutions for GIF´s clients. GIF professionals bring together the necessary knowledge and experience in simple and complex investigations of the various forms of fraud, economic crime and property crime. Through specific personal experiences gained in law enforcement areas, GIF´s associates have a strong market presence due to their technical skills.

Technical capacity to handle all types of investigations

Our experience shows that the success of outsourcing services depends not only on the methodologies and tools utilized, but mainly on thecommitment to the process. GIF, with more than 25 years of experience in the national and international market, shows effective commitment in its projects and professional services.

We are committed to prevent malicious actions within corporations. For this reason, we are constantly evolving to offer efficient technologies and professionals prepared to face the permanent fraud attempts suffered by customers. We have accumulated an experience that allows us to exceed expectations, leading the service to better quality standards and helping our clients add even more value to their businesses.