Security that protects
our customer assets

GIF International is a company specialized in corporate fraud. All services are aimed
at preventing, detecting and investigating fraud.

GIF International has an extensive ecosystem of professionals, including partners and clients, with large experience comprising simple investigations to the most complex cases.

Within a framework of reciprocal confidentiality with its clients, the entire scope of GIF’s activity goes through processes of identification, analysis and intelligence, in order to guarantee effective and serious action against economic crimes and against company property.

Since 1994, the year in which the company was founded, GIF’s role is to provide tools for our clients to achieve their goals and optimize their profitability.

Trust that provides efficient solutions and protects our
clients’ assets

For more than 25 years, we have developed security services and solutions for medium and large companies, contributing to the development of security policies, establishing and improving internal processes, and helping them to achieve the best security standards, all within a strict framework of mutual trust with our clients, given the sensitivity of the information shared.

Today, there are more than 50 companies that are served by GIF with innovative solutions for Risk Management and Technical Inspection, fraud control and implementation of security technologies. 

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A History of respect, collaboration, transparency and dedication

In 1994, GIF began its activities in Argentina, as a strategic partner for companies.  At the same time, there was a business expansion and along with it, an increase in fraud cases.

When ensuring the security of companies in Latin America became even more essential, it was then when GIF began to grow and expand to other countries. Today, we have been preventing and detecting corporate fraud for more than 25 years, developing programs, tools and complete process structures with the identification of profiles according to the needs of each of our clients.


TAS is a company from GIF International group with a technological focus that strengthens the solutions we provide to our customers.

In this new era of advances in technology, the need to further ensure the security of organizations has become a priority. We act to prioritize digital transformation and improve the experience of end users. Making use of technologies applied to security, through innovative solutions.

The combination of GIF’s know-how in tackling fraud, in addition to the technologies and expertise of TAS, we aim to provide unique solutions to our clients such as: automated fraud detection, customer authentication, biometrics, digital onboarding, among others.